How Do I Write A Competitive Intelligence Report?

  • Identify Competitors
  • Know the Objectives
  • Earmark the Evaluation areas
  • Know the Stakeholders
  • Choose Data Sources
  • Competitive Intelligence Templates
  • Publishing Research

Why it is important to understand what keywords are driving traffic to your competitor’s website

Competitor keyword analysis helps you become more focused and thorough with your content creation.

In addition, you will be aware of the kind of keywords that your target audience is likely to search for and how to outrank your competitors who are currently outranking you on search engines.

What are the four competitive marketing positions

The four broad positions that brands typically take in the market are market leaders, market challengers, market followers, and market nichers.

Is it legal to bid on competitor keywords

Is it legal to bid on competitor keywords? Simply put, yes it is legal to bid on competitor keywords.

Google has no rules against bidding on brand keywords, regardless of if it is your brand or not.

Google’s guidance on trademarks explicitly states that “We don’t investigate or restrict trademarks as keywords”.

What is the main function of competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of collecting, processing and analyzing information from and about the internal and external or competitive environment in order to help decision-makers in decision-making and to provide a competitive advantage to the enterprise.

What are two things competitive intelligence should achieve

The main objectives of competitive intelligence are to allow a company to understand its market, make confident strategic decisions, and increase ROI.

Why is competitive intelligence so hot in today’s business environment

Competitive intelligence is so hot in today’s market because it gives your business the information it needs to be successful.

You want to stay ahead, satisfy customers, and know up-to-date information about your industry.

What is competitive positioning example

For example, if CAR BRAND A has developed a reputation as the most economical in a category, then CAR BRAND B, rather than competing on that decision-making factor, might position themselves as the most reliable.

Is low competition good for keywords

Because they have less competition, these keywords are good opportunities for an Seo plan.

Targeting low-competition keywords with helpful content on your website can help you achieve your organic traffic goals with less off-page strategy or social promotion.

What are the five main categories of competitive position

ADL to the recognition of five main categories of competitive position such as dominant, strong, favourable, tenable and weak (Table 6.2).

What is competitive positioning map

A competitive positioning map is a visual positioning tool that compares brands, products or services.

This comparison uses a combination of two variables that consumers consider when making their decision to buy.

What are the advantages of mapping competitive positions

The advantage of mapping your position is that it makes it easy to identify gaps in the market through visual representation.

Is the use of competitive intelligence ethical or unethical Why

So, based on the law, competitive intelligence is completely legal. Depending on the means in which you gather the intelligence impacts the ethics behind it.

Gathering information by not disclosing who you are to a competitor or by lying would be considered unethical, but it’s not illegal.

What is unethical competitive intelligence

Other examples of espionage, illegal or unethical competitive intelligence include: Accessing a competitor’s property or files without permission.

Posing as a competitor’s employee to access proprietary information and trade secrets. Wiretapping or hacking a competitor.

Attacking a competitor’s website with malware.

How do you make a competitive positioning map?

  • Pick two parameters
  • List your competitors
  • Rate your competitors
  • Complete your perceptual mapping template

How do you Analyse SEO data?

  • Check Your Visibility on Google
  • Check URLs and Meta Descriptions
  • Analyze Titles and Headings
  • Evaluate Incoming Links
  • Analyze Your Spam Score
  • Check Your Internal Links
  • Investigate for Broken Links
  • Analyze Your Web Content

What is keyword gap in SEO

Competitive keyword analysis – sometimes called keyword gap analysis – is a process of identifying valuable keywords that your competitors rank highly for, which you don’t.

A few important points to consider: The keywords should be valuable (i.e. high-volume, related to your business, or likely to convert)

How difficult is keyword search

That is why, to calculate Keyword difficulty, we analyze the search results for a keyword and look at the number of referring domains the top 10 ranking pages have.

In simple terms, the more referring domains across the top ranking pages, the higher the Keyword Difficulty.

How do you determine keyword cannibalization on a website

Simply create a spreadsheet that lists all of your site’s important URLs and their associated keywords.

Once you’ve listed your URLs and their keywords, run down the list and look for any duplicate entries.

If you spot any – especially across core pages – you’re probably suffering from keyword cannibalization.

What is a good SEO difficulty

KDS Between 30% and 70% – Moderate Difficulty Keywords These will usually have good search volumes (hence the difficulty), but not so much competition that it’s not feasible.

Thus, these are your best best when it comes to selecting the right keywords as you have a realistic chance to compete for these.

What is the difference between a positioning map and a perceptual map

A perceptual map, also called as a positioning map, is a visual representation of how consumers perceive your brand, which is in the form of a graph.

This graph is designed in such a manner, that marketers understand the average responses of the target market about their own brand, along with all the competitors.