Who Owns Dodo Now

Dodo Power & Gas was established in 2001 as the energy retailing arm of the internet provider.

The company is partly Australian owned, with parent company Vocus Group operating in both Australia and New zealand.

Who bought Vocus

Vocus has revealed it has officially been acquired by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) and Aware super as the transaction finalises today.

What is a BNTD

Business Network Termination Device (BNTD) equipment location guide. Location. The Ideal location for a Business Network Termination Device (BNTD) is a server room or communications room.

Does Exetel use Telstra lines

All Exetel residential mobile services on the Telstra network (including migrations) except Super Saver $10.

Who did 2degrees merge with

2degrees and Vocus NZ officially joined forces today – becoming the country’s third-largest telco, with an annual turnover of more than $1bn.

CEO Mark Callander says 2degrees is set to further challenge and disrupt the telco market, and Kiwi consumers will benefit.

Who owns Exetel Australia

Starting life over 15 years ago as a family-owned business, Exetel today is a part of the Superloop Group, Australia’s fastest growing challenger telco.

What is TPG default password

The default username and password to log into your TPG supplied modem/router will be admin for the username and admin for the password.

How do I change my IP address TPG

Welcome to the community! Yes, it is possible to change your IP Address by sending an email request to [email protected].

Please be advised that there will be a one time fee of $10.00 for the request.

Is Exetel Australian owned

Exetel is an Australian ISP which provides ADSL, web hosting, VoIP, and other internet services to customers across Australia.

How many customers does Exetel have

Exetel is Australia’s largest private, independent Internet Service Provider (ISP), with more than 110,000 consumer and business customers.

Who bought slingshot

Vocus Group is a major telecommunications network operator in New Zealand. They offer solutions for business, government and wholesale with their extensive fibre network that spans 4,200km in New Zealand!

They also own the popular providers Slingshot and Orcon.

Who took over vocus

Vocus shareholders have voted to sell the telco to Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Management and Aware Super for $3.5 billion, and the reformed company aims to use its new life as a private entity to turbocharge investment in its core infrastructure assets and expand its retail capabilities.