What Is The Difference Between And And/or Klaviyo

Using the AND connector between conditions will make a segment or flow filter more exclusive.

Klaviyo checks each condition separated by AND individually; therefore, each condition must be true in order for someone to be included.

Why is segmentation important in Klaviyo

Segmentation is also crucial for gaining business intelligence and maintaining a healthy Klaviyo account.

Since segments automatically update in real-time, they provide an easy way to get a pulse check on your audience at any given moment.

How do I upload files to Klaviyo

Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab in Klaviyo. Create a new list using the Create List / Segment button, or open an existing list (not segment) Click Manage List > Import contacts.

Select your CSV file to upload.

How do I set up SMSBump?

  • Head over to the Shopify App Store page and type in “SMSBump” in the search bar
  • From the search results list, click on Smsbump sms marketing by Yotpo
  • Make sure you have logged into your Shopify store account with your store URL
  • Click on Add app to integrate the app with Shopify

Does Klaviyo work with GoDaddy

Klaviyo actually does not have an integration with GoDaddy as GoDaddy is primarily a domain provider and not an eCommerce provider.

What is SMSBump Shopify

Yotpo SMSBump is an SMS marketing tool designed specifically for Shopify stores. It is the largest SMS marketing app in the Shopify market and gives users access to effective and unique tools that enable them to take full advantage of the channel’s high open rates and return on investment.

Does SMSBump work in UK

While you can send an SMS to almost every country in the world with SMSBump, Mms messages are only available for the U.S. at the moment.

What is the difference between a text message and a SMS message

The first and biggest thing to know about the difference between SMS and text messages is that there is no difference.

SMS, or Short Message Service, is a form of text message that’s sent from one device to another.

How do I get rid of SMSBump

Find the preapproved payment for SMSBump under the Merchant tab and click it. You just entered the settings of your SMSBump subscription.

If the status says Active and you want to deactivate it, simply click Cancel.

Confirm your cancellation and you are all done.

How often does Klaviyo sync with Shopify

Klaviyo syncs items from Shopify in real time, so typically items will be updated without the need for a resync.

New categories and item membership in a particular category are synced from Shopify every six hours, so a category resync is helpful to view the most up-to-date information in Klaviyo.

Can you use both SMS and email in the same flow pathway

Flows. When you have a flow with both emails and SMS, it’s important to remember that someone may be consented to both channels.

Thus, if you set the flow up with the SMS and email directly next to each other, someone may receive both messages at the same time.

What happens if I turn off SMS on iPhone

When you disable SMS, the iMessage system automatically takes over, and sends and receives messages using your cellular or Wi-Fi data connection.

To ensure you don’t receive any text messages through SMS, you can also disable your cellular data connection to force your iPhone to use an available Wi-Fi network.

What are Active profiles klaviyo

Active profiles: any profiles in Klaviyo that can be messaged and who are not suppressed.

Activity feed: a list of metrics that are associated with a profile to capture a timeline of their interactions with your business.

How do I export emails from Klaviyo?

  • Navigate to the Email Templates tab
  • Locate the template you want to export
  • Click additional option menu on the right
  • Click Export
  • Copy the source code from the modal that appears and paste it into a program of your choice

How do I create a Klaviyo signup form?

  • Navigate to Signup Forms
  • Click the Create Signup Form button in the upper right
  • Click Create from Scratch
  • Name the form
  • Select the list you would like new signups to feed into (you can change this later by editing the form’s submit button, if you would like)

Is SMS marketing legal

Yes, text marketing is legal, as long as you comply with the rules and regulations that are required by law.

Follow along to find out how to be SMS compliant. Short Message Service (SMS) marketing, or text marketing, refers to messages that businesses text to their customers.

When should I use SMS marketing?

  • Short-term promotions for retail or ecommerce businesses
  • Urgent updates about events or customer orders
  • Appointment reminders
  • Internal alerts
  • Make sure your contacts have opted in to SMS
  • Mind the timing of your messages
  • Include your company’s name in your messages

Can you use Klaviyo for multiple stores

If you have more than one ecommerce store of the same type, you will need to create a Klaviyo account for each store.

If you have more than one store, and each is supported by a different platform, it is technically possible to integrate all stores with the same Klaviyo instance.

Can you do SMS marketing on Shopify

Supercharged SMS Text Messaging & Marketing is an easy-to-use SMS and MMS marketing and automations app built for Shopify merchants.

With Supercharged SMS Text Messaging & Marketing, you can easily sync existing Shopify store data into your account.

What is a good SMS opt-in rate

The SMS marketing opt-in rate for a website is 0.7% – 1.4%.

How do I create an email list in Klaviyo

‍Within Klaviyo, under Lists & Segments, click on “Create List / Segment”. Then click on the List box.

You then want to give the list a name, for this example, we will name the list, “Newsletter”.

Once you have named your list, click “Create List”.

How do I manually add subscribers to SMSBump

Enter a customer’s phone number in the search field box to locate them in the list, and click on Search.

Their name will display, and you will be able to subscribe them once more if they change their mind, by clicking on the Subscribe button.

How do I export contacts from Klaviyo?

  • Navigate to your Lists & Segments tab
  • Click into the list or segment of your choice
  • Select the Manage List dropdown
  • Choose Export List to CSV
  • Choose whether you to export all properties associated with your contacts’ profiles, or just specific ones

How do I connect Salesforce to Klaviyo

Enable Klaviyo’s Salesforce Integration Flip to All Integrations and type Salesforce into the search box at the top of the page.

Then, next to Salesforce CRM, click Add Integration. Enter your Salesforce username, password, and security token.

Once you’ve entered these required details, click Connect to Salesforce.

How do you create a segment in Klaviyo

So, first of all, when you log into Klaviyo on the left side, you will have a menu and you have to click on lists and segments.

And by default there will be many segments, there will be some lists and segments created by Klaviyo, but those are defaults, you can use them or not.

It’s up to you.

Why is RCS better than SMS

RCS encryption doesn’t prevent your carrier from reading your messages or holding onto your attachments.

The Google Messages app does have reliable end-to-end encryption, adding a massive layer of security SMS just can’t compete with.

How do I import a CSV file into Klaviyo?

  • Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab in Klaviyo
  • Click on the list called Newsletter
  • Click Manage List > Import Contacts
  • Drag and drop your CSV directly into Klaviyo or select it from your files
  • Review the data you’re importing and map all rows to a Klaviyo or custom property

How do I delete customer data on Klaviyo

To delete a Klaviyo profile, navigate to the profile and click Delete below the Information section.

A warning message will prompt you to confirm your decision. Check the box on the warning message to specify that the contact requested their profile be deleted in compliance with GDPR and/or CCPA.

How do you make a birthday flow in Klaviyo?

  • From the Flows tab, create a date property-triggered flow
  • In the dropdown, choose the property you used to collect subscribers’ birthdays
  • Next, choose when you want to start the flow: on or before the person’s birthday
  • Then, choose the time of day for the target date delay

How do I import my subscribers from Shopify to Klaviyo?

  • Navigate to your Klaviyo account’s Integrations tab
  • Select Enabled Integrations and click on Shopify to be brought to your Shopify integration settings page
  • Check the box next to Collect email subscribers