What Is KPI In Marketing

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are simply the metrics your business tracks in order to help determine the overall relative effectiveness of your business’s marketing and sales efforts.

How companies build strong customer relationships and customer value through relationship marketing

Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies There are several ways that companies go about customer relationship marketing, including providing excellent customer service at all times, getting to know individual customers to anticipate their needs, and offering loyalty program perks and rewards for repeat customers.

What does B2B stand for in marketing

B2B stands for business-to-business, referring to a type of transaction that takes place between one business and another.

B2C stands for business-to-consumer, as in a transaction that takes place between a business and an individual as the end customer.

How do you create value for customers?

  • Improve the buying process
  • Focus on brand perception
  • Get customer feedback
  • Make a unique product
  • Provide a positive experience
  • Prioritize quality over price
  • Identify your strengths
  • Adjust your marketing strategy

How do you target new customers?

  • Ask for referrals
  • Network
  • Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only
  • Re-contact old customers
  • Improve your website
  • Partner with complementary businesses
  • Promote your expertise
  • Use online reviews to your advantage

What are some digital goals?

  • Ensure your digital marketing goals are SMART
  • Prioritize personalization
  • Make the switch to first-party data
  • Boost engagement with short-form social media videos
  • Implement machine learning to understand your data better
  • Get on board with metaverse marketing

What are the 5 stages of information processing?

  • Exposure
  • Attention
  • Comprehension and perception
  • Yielding and acceptance
  • Retention
  • Exposure
  • Attention
  • Comprehension and perception

What is online value proposition

The online value proposition is your customer value proposition, your USP online. It’s important to clearly communicate what online experiences and content your brand can offer for each site, app and type of social presence.

Content marketing is core to this as shown by this diagram.

How do you create brand awareness?

  • Guest blog for other sites
  • Maximize your organic social media presence
  • Develop a voice for your brand
  • Start a podcast
  • Take part in brand partnerships
  • Give something away for free
  • Use native advertising

What are the 3 types of digital media

Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media: The 3 Types of Digital Media and How to Use Them.

What are the 4 types of media?

  • News media (earned media) News media takes mass media elements and uses them to deliver news to a target audience or the general public
  • Social media (shared media)
  • Web media
  • Print media
  • Other forms of media

What is the goal for digital care

The goal of a DCA is to pinpoint ways to reduce costs and, at the same time, provide a better experience for increasingly digital customers.

What is B2B and B2C

B2B stands for ‘business to business’ while B2C is ‘business to consumer’. B2B ecommerce utilises online platforms to sell products or services to other businesses.

B2C ecommerce targets personal consumers.

What is SOSTAC model

SOSTAC® is a planning model, originally developed in the 1990s to help with marketing planning by PR Smith, who is my co-author on Emarketing Excellence.

SOSTAC® stands for: Situation – where are we now? Objectives – where do we want to be?

Strategy – how do we get there?