What Is Community Builder In Salesforce

The Salesforce community builder can be used to customize the Community based on our business needs.

The power of the community builder is that without doing any custom development, we can customize the Community branding very easily and quickly.

How do I create a community page in Salesforce

In Community Builder, open the Pages menu on the top toolbar. Click New Page at the bottom of the Pages menu.

To create:A standard page that’s based on a blank layout or a preconfigured page (if available), click Standard Page.

If you don’t have preconfigured pages, choose a blank layout.

Does Salesforce have an order management system

Cloud-based order management makes extensibility easy. Manage apps, microservices, community hubs, and overall customer experience with your complete data record on the Salesforce Platform.

What is CSM compatibility

CSM stands for compatibility support module. It’s an optional tool included in the UEFI firmware that allows legacy BIOS compatibility.

CSM offers backward compatibility by booting the machine as if you were running a legacy BIOS system.

It also allows you to use older operating systems that don’t support UEFI.

How do I edit a community page in Salesforce?

  • From the Pages menu in the top toolbar, select the page that you want to edit
  • Click to open the Components panel
  • Drag the required component from the Components panel onto an editable area of the page

Does salesforce have a dam

A DAM for Salesforce gives you instant access to channel-optimized, on-brand content to help drive clicks and conversions.

Where is Salesforce community builder

To access Community Builder: From the global header menu in Community Workspaces or Community Management, click Community Workspaces | Builder or Community Management | Go to Community Builder.

From the All Communities page in Setup, click Builder next to the community name.

How do I edit a community site in Salesforce

After registering your Salesforce Sites domain, create a Salesforce Site. From Setup, enter Sites in the Quick Find box, and select Sites.

Click New, or click Edit to modify an existing site. On the Site Edit page, configure the following settings.

What are two capabilities of Salesforce customer community members

Customer Portal Users and Customer Community users can log into a community. Communities can be customized by defining members, tabs, branding, and email settings.

Community members can control what contact information is visible to external users.

What is Case management salesforce

As described in Service Cloud Introduction session, Salesforce Case Management allows us to record, track and solve customer issues by sales, service and support.

It includes the ability to create cases either from an email (email to case), from a web form (web to case), or manually.

What is Einstein Salesforce

Salesforce Einstein is artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has been developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Salesforce’s AI product, Einstein, is now available across the company’s core cloud products, as part of its spring 2017 product release.

What is commerce Cloud Salesforce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly called Demandware, is a cloud-based service for unifying the way businesses engage with customers over any channel or device.

What is the difference between contact management and CRM

Although CRM software provides tools for managing existing customers, the focus of the system is on managing your sales funnel.

Contact Management is a broad term that covers the tracking of customer, vendor and individuals’ information and communication.

What is a customer success manager Salesforce

Customer Success Manager Act as a trusted advisor to our large customers and ensure their success.

Help customers achieve business value and get the most out of their investment with Salesforce.

Drive increased value, retention, customer satisfaction, and ultimately expansion of the Salesforce footprint.

How do I create a community app in Salesforce

How to create communities in salesforce? To create communities go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities -> Manage Communities -> and click on New communities button And enter name, description and url and click on create button.

Is Salesforce crm content available in lightning

Salesforce CRM Content is only available in Salesforce Classic, but files from content libraries are available in Lightning Experience if Salesforce CRM Content is enabled for your org.

Does Salesforce have an OMS

Salesforce Order Management, a new order management system (OMS) built directly on the Salesforce platform, can act independently as a standalone OMS or be deployed alongside any number of complementary cloud products from Salesforce.

What is Salesforce CRM content

Salesforce CRM Content simplifies content management by incorporating user-friendly features into the following tasks: Organizing.

Rather than keep files in folders that make content difficult to find, Salesforce CRM Content stores files in fully searchable file repositories known as libraries.

Is Salesforce a CRM

What is CRM (customer relationship management) and what can it do for you? CRM helps unite your teams around your customers, get actionable insights from data, attract prospects, and retain loyal customers.

Salesforce Customer 360 is the world’s #1 CRM, and we’ve been hard at work building it since 1999.

How do I add a section in Salesforce experience builder?

  • In Experience Builder, open the page’s properties
  • In the Layout section of Page Properties, click Change
  • Select the new layout
  • Click Change

Should CSM be enabled or disabled

To put it in a nutshell, CSM exists to provide compatibility with systems that support or do not support UEFI completely, as well as systems that must be installed in Legacy.

Therefore, if you need to boot a traditional MBR device, you need to enable the CSM.

Is Salesforce content available in lightning

Libraries are available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. In Lightning Experience, you can further organize your library content with folders.

How do I add components to experience builder?

  • From the Pages menu in the top toolbar, select the page that you want to edit
  • To open the Components panel, click
  • Drag the required component from the Components panel onto an editable area of the page

Is Salesforce commerce Cloud headless

Salesforce enables ‘composable commerce’ — headless e-commerce, where users bring their own interface designs — for large brick-and-mortar retailers and online-only sellers.

How do I create a custom detail page in Salesforce?

  • In Experience Builder, click the down arrow (1) and select New Page(2) from the Pages menu
  • Create a CMS Content Page
  • Select the content type you want to host in the page and click Create

Can Salesforce track orders

Order Tracking While Salesforce Order Management does make it easier to answer order-related questions from your customers, its most valuable customer support feature may be that it also allows your customers to track order status themselves.

What is Salesforce order management

Order Management is your central hub for handling all aspects of the order lifecycle, including order capture, fulfillment, shipping, payment processing, and service.

Does Contentful integrate with Salesforce

Two powerful tools, together Integrate Salesforce and Contentful to turn your data into actionable insights.

What is Salesforce CDN

Deliver Salesforce CMS content to your users with higher performance than ever through a CDN.

A CDN is a distributed group of servers that work together to deliver your content quickly and efficiently.

Readily connect content to your sites through Community Cloud or to custom applications through public channels.

What type of software is AEM

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms.

AEM makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.