What Is 7Ps Of Marketing Mix PDF

Services marketing are dominated by the 7 Ps of marketing namely Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence.

How does Cadbury segment its market

The segmentation of Cadbury products is based on mix of demographics, behavioural & psychographic factors; like on the basis of Income & occasions.

You will find people of all age groups and demography enjoying Cadbury products.

What research should be done before starting a business?

  • Do your research
  • Determine your audience
  • Have a strong mission
  • Choose a structure
  • Map your finances
  • Understand your tax burden
  • Understand the risk
  • Put together a business plan

What are the importance of Himalayas in points

The Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world, and has 9 out of 10 of the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest.

These mountains, referred to as the Third Pole, are the source of some of Asia’s major rivers and also help to regulate our planet’s climate.

What are the factors affecting product mix?

  • Profitability: Every business unit tries to maximize its profits
  • Objectives and Policy of Company: Company frames its product mix to achieve its objective
  • Production Capacity:
  • Demand:
  • Production costs:
  • Government Rules and Restriction:
  • Demand Fluctuation:
  • Competition:

What is product mix example

Product Mix, another name as Product Assortment, refers to several products that a company offers to its customers.

For example, a company might sell multiple lines of products, with the product lines being fairly similar, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, or mouthwash, and also other such toiletries.

What is the influence of the Himalayas

The Himalayas play a very important role in influencing the climate of India. India is a monsoon land only because of the presence of Himalayas.

It traps the monsoon winds from Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal and forces them to shed their moisture content within the Indian sub-continent in the form of snow and rain.

What is product mix of Coca Cola

For example, The Coca-cola company has its signature Coca-Cola brand, featuring original Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, etc. This would be described as a product line, while their product mix consists of their Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Glaceau Smartwater, Sprite (and so on) product lines.

How is Himalayan water made

Geological studies have established that this water, mostly glacial melt, begins its journey in the upper reaches of the Himalayas and then filters down for about 20 years through layers of Himalayan rocks.

The water collects a unique natural mineral composition with a mildly alkaline pH very similar to the human body.

What is the role of Himalayas in Indian climate

By virtue of its location and stupendous height, the Great Himalaya Range obstructs the passage of cold continental air from the north into India in winter and also forces the southwesterly monsoon (rain-bearing) winds to give up most of their moisture before crossing the range northward.

What is the use of rose gel

The natural tightening properties help skin look firmer. The high Vitamin C content and astringent properties help clear up the appearance of acne and rejuvenates the skin.

It helps make the skin appear brighter and smoother by removing dead skin cells.

What is the composition of Himalayas

The Higher Himalaya, the backbone of the Himalayan mountains, is made up of 10-20 km-thick metamorphic rocks (schist and gneiss) and granites situated at altitudes of 3000 m to over 8000 m.

These rocks are Proterozoic-Cambrian age (2,000-500 Ma) and belong to the continental crust of the Indian plate.

What are 5 interesting facts about the Himalayas?

  • Third Pole Of The Earth
  • Himalayas Are The Youngest
  • Home Of Snow That Never Melts
  • They Are Still Growing
  • Himalayas Feed 20% Of The Earths Population
  • Mount Kailash – Pilgrimage Site For 4 Religions

What are benefits of mountains

Mountains are the world’s “water towers,” providing 60-80% of all freshwater resources for our planet.

At least half of the world’s population depends on mountain ecosystem services to survive – not only water but also food and clean energy.

What natural resource is important to the Himalayas

“Our natural resources form the most important part of our earth. They have the capacity to satisfy all our needs and desires such as food, water, air and clothes.

The Himalayas are rich in natural resources. Water, forests, flora and fauna are all abundant here.

What is the structure of Himalayas

The major structural divisions, the Indus–(Yarlung Tsangpo) suture zone, the Tethyan Himalaya sedimentary units, Greater Himalaya Sequence (GHS) metamorphic rocks, the Lesser Himalaya fold-and-thrust belt and the Sub-Himalaya Siwalik molasse basin are present along the entire 2000 km length of the Himalaya (Figs 1 & 2)

What are the 3 ranges of Himalayas?

  • The northernmost is the Great Himalaya or Himadri
  • Middle Himalaya or Himachal is located to the south of Himadri
  • The Shiwalik is the southernmost range

What are USP examples?

  • Avis
  • FedEx Corporation
  • M&Ms
  • DeBeers
  • Domino’s Pizza

Which face wash is best for teenage girl?

  • Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash
  • Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash
  • Clean And Clear Foaming Face Wash
  • Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash
  • Pond’s Pure Detox Anti-Pollution + Purity Face Wash
  • Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

Is Neem face wash good for pimples

Yes, neem face wash helps tackle acne and pimples, thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

It also prevents new pimples from occurring as it protects the skin from external damage.

What is the cost of Virat Kohli water

This water comes in a 750 ml water bottle which is covered by solid 24 karat gold and costs around Rs 44 lakh.

Virat Kohli exclusively consumes Evian water which roughly cost around 4,200 INR per liter.