Is Tableau Owned By Salesforce

Salesforce Acquires Tableau: What It Means for Software Buyers. The acquisition of Tableau by CRM software giant Salesforce is earth-shaking news for anyone in the enterprise software world.

This announcement comes only a day after Google purchased Looker, an analytics startup, for $2.6 billion.

What are campaigns in Sfmc

Plan, coordinate, and measure cross-channel campaigns in real-time using campaign tags. You can create campaigns from emails, mobile messages, landing pages, and data extensions, plus events such as automations.

Create a Marketing Cloud Campaign.

What new feature is available for the journey builder triggered send queue

The queue is useful for testing new triggered sends, troubleshooting triggered sends, or for using journey builder email activity triggered sends that paused after exceeding the error threshold.

Note Enabling Auto-Suppression Lists republishes all triggered sends in the account.

When you set up CRM analytics Which of the following features can you enable

The CRM Analytics for Communities permission set license enables the “View CRM Analytics on Experience cloud pages” permission.

That permission enables external users to view CRM Analytics dashboards embedded in their Experience Cloud sites.

See Enable CRM Analytics for Experience Cloud Sites.

Where is the path optimizer activity available in journey builder

The Path Optimizer activity is available for all Journey Builder customers in the Flow Controls section.

How is Tableau different from Salesforce

SF reports and dashboards provide quick-win alternatives based on real-time data. The Tableau dashboard, but, allows for data analysis and sharing across a wide range of data and use cases.

How does Salesforce integrate with Sfmc

Log into Marketing cloud => Navigate to email studio => Click on Email App=> click Admin tab=> click Salesforce Integration=> click Connect Account.

Contact Marketing Cloud Support to enable and upgrade the Connected App button under the Salesforce Integration for secure data transfer between systems.

What is path optimizer in journey builder

The Path Optimizer flow control activity helps you test up to 10 variations of a journey path to determine which path performs best in your journey.

You can choose to alter content, frequency of sends and type of messaging channel.

What is the difference between tableau and tableau CRM

One of the primary differences is that Tableau CRM is unique to Salesforce’s ecosystem.

Tableau is a stand-alone product that can exist on its own. Again, both tools are impactful, but depending on use-case, Abby says, “One may be better than the other.”

What tool can you use to test send time optimization performance in Journey builder

Instead, use an ETL tool such as Automation Studio to segment your data before using the data in Journey Builder.

What is Datorama used for

Datorama allows you to combine your disparate marketing sources into one data model and visualize it in branded dashboards.

These capabilities are essential for any digital marketing program with data coming in from different sources and with different metrics, dimensions, and KPIs.

What is enhanced dynamic content

Enhanced Dynamic Content lets you import into Content Builder a delimited file containing text and image URLs to create enhanced dynamic content for emails.

What language does Tableau CRM use

Use SAQL (Salesforce Analytics Query Language) to access data in Tableau CRM datasets. Tableau CRM uses SAQL behind the scenes in lenses, dashboards, and explorer to gather data for visualizations.

How much does Datorama cost

The Datorama Starter Package pricing begins around $3,000USD per month, three millions rows of data and is billed annually.

Which component of AutoML sifts through your structured data and fixes it up before you start

AutoML’s data cleansing sifts through your data and detects these errors and either automatically fixes them or flags them to be fixed.

What split engagement

Engagement Split: Determines a contact’s journey path based on their interaction with your message, such as opens or clicks.

What are the 4 steps to create dynamic content?

  • Step 1: Assemble your sources and identify relevant drivers & challenges
  • Step 2: Verify your insights & assumptions via social media
  • Step 3: Match your solutions to the needs of your market and test
  • Step 4: Develop content
  • Step 5: Monitor changes & adapt

What should be done prior to using behavioral triggers

Before you use the Behavioral Triggers, be sure to fulfil pre-requisites: As Behavioral Triggers are extending the Einstein Recommendations, get a license and enable it in your Business Unit.

Many data leveraged by Triggers is coming from the Product Catalog, so be sure to configure it before capturing the events.