Is Firebase An API

Firebase is an API that lets developers easily sync and store data in realtime.

Developers can use the service to build their apps without having to manage servers or write server-side code.

There are clients for Android, iOS and JavaScript (including bindings for Ember, React, Angular and Backbone).

What is the best method to send analytic data from browser to server?

  • Send data from a website to your server-side container
  • Receive data in your server-side container
  • Load Google Analytics scripts from your first-party endpoint
  • Use a Google Analytics 4 tag to send additional data to a server container
  • Send data from sources other than websites

What does Google Tag Manager do

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on your website or mobile app.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing

Like we’ve earlier established, the only way you can track your wife’s cell phone without her knowing is through spy apps.

Spy apps are software designed with functionalities that enable them to monitor mobile devices.

Can Firebase track installs

Using Firebase to Track Installations of Your App. Open your Firebase project from the console.

Go to the Firebase console, then open the project labeled with your app’s nickname.

Click Dashboard under “Analytics” on the sidebar.

What data does Firebase collect?

  • How many times the App is opened and when
  • How long the App is open
  • The Operating system being used
  • The device model the App is being used on
  • The country you are in
  • When the app was first installed and first opened
  • If and when the App was updated
  • What In-app purchases are made

Do I need both GTM and GA

You do not have to replace GA and your other tracker with Global Site Tag OR Google Tag Manager.

In fact, you should not duplicate and install GTM or Global Site Tag if you already have these installed, as you will cause issues in your reporting.

How many mobile apps are there

4. There are currently more than 2.9 million apps available in the Google Play Store.

(Statista) As of Q4 2021, there were 2.89 million apps published in the Google Play Store.

Is Firebase and GA4 the same

The only slight difference lies in where you first create your Android and iOS data streams.

Data streams that you create in a GA4 property automatically sync with a new Firebase project, whereas Android and iOS data streams that you create in a Firebase project require a simple integration step to be synched with GA4.

Is Firebase free to use

Firebase offers a no-cost tier pricing plan for all its products. For some products, usage continues at no cost no matter your level of use.

For other products, if you need high levels of use, you’ll need to switch your project to a paid-tier pricing plan.

What is Firebase used for

Android, and the Web. Firebase provides detailed documentation and cross-platform SDKs to help you build and ship apps on Android, iOS, the web, C++, and Unity.

Is Firebase a backend

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) app development platform that provides hosted backend services such as a realtime database, cloud storage, authentication, crash reporting, machine learning, remote configuration, and hosting for your static files.

What is GA4F

Google Analytics for Firebase (GA4F) is a free app measurement solution that provides insight into app usage and user engagement.

Thanks to recent updates, GA4F can “unlock” additional opportunities for app advertisers to improve retention rate, simplify audience management and acquire new customers.

What is the difference between UA and GA4

Universal Analytics highlights Total Users (shown as Users) in most reports, whereas GA4 focuses on Active Users (also shown as Users).

So, while the term Users appears the same, the calculation for this metric is different between UA and GA4 since UA is using Total Users and GA4 is using Active Users.

How do I enable FIRDebugEnabled?

  • Open Xcode
  • Select Product -> Scheme > Edit scheme
  • Select Run from the left menu
  • Select the Arguments tab
  • In the Arguments Passed On Launch section, add -FIRAnalyticsDebugEnabled
  • – FIRDebugEnabled