How Do I Find YouTube Influencers

Do a Google or YouTube search for “your niche + YouTuber” to find relevant influencers.

Look for YouTubers that are trending by going to the Trending tab on YouTube.

Look for influencers who do paid collabs by searching “sponsored or ad + your niche” on YouTube.

How do I find YouTube influencers for my brand?

  • Identify top users easily
  • Find the right influencers for you
  • Organize them
  • Reach out to them
  • Reach new people
  • Create trust

What is a YouTube influencers

A YouTube influencer is primarily a content creator who has positioned themselves as a specialist in a particular domain and established a huge following on YouTube.

The size of their following can be measured in terms of the number of subscribers to their channel and the number of views per video.

How do I find influencers on Google?

  • Use an influencer marketplace
  • Search on Google
  • Look at your followings and followers list
  • Check your competitors’ followers
  • Scan competitors’ mentions & tags
  • Generate relevant hashtags
  • Search by keywords
  • Start following blogs and bloggers

How do I find Youtubers to watch?

  • Channel Crawler (Web): The Missing Channel Filter Tool
  • &Chill (Web): Public Rooms to Watch YouTube With Others
  • r/ChannelWatch (Web): Reddit’s Recommendations

How do I become a YouTube influencer partner

#1: Find YouTube Micro-Influencers to Partner With You can use any one of a number of paid tools to find micro-influencers or you can use YouTube to find micro-influencers—no additional investment required.

Start by typing your niche and the word influencers into the search bar—for example, beauty influencers.

How do I find local influencers?

  • Scan your own social media followers
  • Perform local hashtag research
  • Use influencer marketing platforms
  • Get yourself on their radar
  • Draft a win-win proposal
  • Follow up
  • Ask them for honest product or service reviews
  • Get them to be brand advocates

How do you find influencer data?

  • HypeAuditor
  • Upfluence
  • Storyclash
  • Aspire (formerly AspireIQ)
  • Post for Rent
  • PitchBoard

How do you find influencers in database

You can find them on any Social Media platform, or you can connect with Influencer marketing agencies who work with such micro influencers for any barter or paid campaign.

You can also find micro influencers on several micro influencer platforms in India.

What is the best tool to find social media influencers

Grin functions well as an Instagram influencer search tool (along with Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube).

You can choose from over 32 million creators (across all social channels) to find the perfect ones for your market.

Who is the biggest influencer on YouTube?

  • PewDiePie – 102 Million Subscribers
  • Dude Perfect – 47 Million Subscribers
  • HolaSoyGerman – 40 Million Subscribers
  • Whindersson Nunes – 37.6 Million Subscribers
  • elrubiusOMG – 36.2 Million Subscribers

How many subscribers do you need to be an influencer on YouTube

How many YouTube channel subscribers do you need to become an influencer on YouTube?

To become a youtube influencer and to be able to monetize your channel, one needs to have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of public watch time in the previous 12 months.

Why is YouTube good for influencers

With the right guidance, YouTube influencers can create incredibly effective direct response ads that include a promo code or unique link to your site and drive their audiences to purchase.

These campaigns capitalize on all the branding work you’ve already done and push people across the finish line.

What is the best way to find and contact influencers on social media

The best way to do this is to manually search trending hashtags that are relevant to your brand; see which influencers are using them and reach out to them perhaps via an Instagram direct message.

How do I find an influencer email

Most marketers and entrepreneurs reach out to influencers via emails. (To get their email addresses, just check out their social media profile bios!)

Alternatively, you can also tweet your influencer, or leave a Direct Message (DM) for them on Instagram.

How do I get influencers database?

  • Awario
  • Followerwonk
  • Klear
  • BuzzSumo
  • BuzzStream
  • Traackr
  • Upfluence

How do companies find influencers

Examine your local social media followers. Conduct local hashtag searches. Use social listening tools to find out who is talking about your business.

Hire an influencer marketing agency.

How do you source influencers?

  • Check Out Influencers Already Talking About Your Brand
  • Look at Who Your Target Audience is Already Engaging With
  • Follow Industry Podcasts, Events, Newsletters, and Blogs
  • Monitor Relevant Hashtags
  • Use a Third-party Influencer Management Platform
  • Keep Your Budget in Mind

How do I contact influencers

You can often find the influencers’ emails below their Instagram bios under ‘Contact’ or ‘Email. ‘

If an influencer has their email in their bio, you can be sure that they’re open to promoting businesses on their Instagram.

How do you find influencers by niche?

  • Determine your goals
  • Set up your campaign
  • Find influencers related to your industry
  • Find influencers who share your audience
  • Measure the power and reach of the influencers you pick

How can I get influencers for free

Browse influencer marketplaces Another way to find Instagram influencers for free is to check out influencers through a marketplace like Shake.

This influencer marketplace allows creators to make listings for the services they would like to offer to brands.

How do you get YouTubers to promote your product

Another way YouTubers can promote your products is by hosting contests or giveaways where they ask viewers to share your business’ social media posts along with their posts for a chance to win your products for free.

How do you find influencers with Upfluence?

  • In many cases you can search directly within a social media platform using keywords as hashtags to view posts from creators in your niche
  • You can use industry media and marketing blogs to find lists of influencers within a specific industry niche

What is a micro influencer on YouTube

Micro-influencers tend to have a comparatively smaller but more engaged audience than larger influencers.

By collaborating with micro YouTube influencers you can reach their loyal audience and make an impact without breaking the bank.

Micro YouTube influencers can help you: Reach a specific niche audience.

How do I find influencers to promote my brand?

  • 8 Tools to Find Social Media Influencers
  • HypeAuditor – Tool to Find Influencers on YouTube
  • Klear – Top Social Media Tool 2020
  • Upfluence – Best Tool to Identify Fake Followers
  • Heepsy – Best Social Media to Tool to Find Instagram Influencers
  • Group High – Best Tool to Find Influencers to Promote Content

Is there an influencer database

Upfluence is another influencer marketing platform, which includes a database of nearly three million influencers.

The tool analyzes each influencers’ niche, reach, engagement, location, and demographics, while also revealing the influencer’s habitual post times and the type of content they post most often.

How do I connect with social media influencers

Reach out on LinkedIn and be clear about your intentions. LinkedIn is a great way to find and connect with influencers in the B2B world.

If you’re not having luck connecting with them directly, try joining industry groups that they are a part of, and build your network so that you may have more connections in common.

How do you use Buzzsumo to find influencers

Find influencers from content that gets widely shared All you have to do is head to the Content Analyzer, and search a topic relevant to your brand or campaign, to get a list of the most shared articles.

Then from these top pieces of content, you can find the top sharers.

How do you approach influencers?

  • Step 1: Identify Relevant Influencers to Reach Out to
  • Step 2: Preparing the Pitch
  • Step 3: Connect with Influencers on Social Media
  • Step 4: Send Your Influencer Outreach Email
  • Step 5: Didn’t Get a Reply?
  • Step 6: Start Your Collab and Build a Long-Term Relationship

How do you find influences?

  • START by looking at your own followers for potential influencers
  • Do relevant hashtag searches to find highly engaged Instagram influencers
  • Check your competitors’ followers
  • Do relevant Google searches
  • Use influencer marketing tools or influencer marketplaces

How do you find micro influencers in your area?

  • Use Hashtags to find those sharing content related to your niche
  • Check your existing audience to identify potential micro influencers
  • Partner with bloggers who have a good following on Instagram in your niche