How Do I Create An Audience In Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  • Click Create Audience
  • Enter a name and optionally a description
  • If applicable, select an onboarding partner
  • Choose the destination ad network
  • Select an ad account
  • Return to the Overview screen

Is audience studio the same as audience builder

Audience Studio (AS) is a completely separate product. I believe it used to be called SFMC DMP.

It allows you to ingest a ton of data from locations outside of SFMC and create audiences and segmentations for smarter marketing based off of that.

These audiences are then used in Journey Builder, Email sends, etc.

What is meant by dynamic list

Dynamic lists are “smart” lists that automatically add or remove prospects based on the criteria you set up.

They’re easy to set up and they maintain themselves, which makes them a great choice for building lists around information that changes frequently.

That said, not every list is required to be dynamic.

How can you ensure your subject lines are effective

How can you ensure your subject lines are effective? Keep them short and sweet.

Short and medium-length subject lines have higher open rates than long ones, which ultimately affects conversion rates (the percentage of people who take action based on your email).

What is dynamic list

A dynamic list is rule-based and automatically updates when a prospect’s data changes. You can use either list as a recipient list or suppression list for list emails and engagement programs.

The benefit of a dynamic list is that it’s created based on criteria and updates as prospects meet or fail to meet the criteria.

What are the two types of triggers for transactional messages

Most trigger based emails are divided into two categories: event and segment.

Which of the following can you do with email Studio

With Email Studio, build and send personalized email from basic newsletters to the most complex campaigns.

Deliver promotional, transactional, and triggered messages. Track and optimize to drive performance. Prepare your account for sending using Email Studio.

How do you create a data filter in Marketing Cloud?

  • Choose Subscribers | Data Filters
  • Click Create
  • To filter records from a data extension, choose Data Extension
  • Click OK
  • Choose a source data extension to filter
  • Click OK
  • Drag Fields, Measure, or saved filters to the Create Filter canvas

What is a static list

Static lists: these lists do not update as new records meet or existing records no longer meet the criteria.

They are a snapshot of records that meet a certain set of requirements when the list was created and saved.

How do I create a filter activity in Marketing Cloud?

  • Click Create Activity
  • Select Filter
  • Provide a name, folder location, external key, and description to identify and describe the activity
  • Choose a filter definition to see its details
  • If your data filter is applied to profile attributes, select a source list created in Email Studio

How do I add audiences in Google Analytics?

  • Sign in to Google Analytics
  • Click Admin, and navigate to the property in which you want to create the audience
  • In the Property column, click Audience Definitions > Audiences
  • Click + New Audience
  • By default, your new audience is based on data from the current reporting view

What Rtim core capability helps you determine which offer content or message will inspire consumer engagement

RTIM helps you determine which offer, content, or message inspires engagement from the consumer.

Every consumer is unique. You need to deliver your message on the channel that’s right for each individual.

RTIM can coordinate delivery of the next best action to the right touchpoint at the right time—for every consumer.

What are the different email sending option in Sfmc

You open the email, click on send, choose the audience and other email send configuration, and send straight away.

User-Initiated Send: In a User-initiated send, you create a definition of an email Send, and send it right away or schedule to send in the future.

Does Netflix use Salesforce

For Netflix, as their business has grown, the number of data points has increased from hundreds of thousands in 2011, to billions of points today.

To process and extract full value from this data, Salesforce and Netflix have built their own systems.

How do you merge lists in Pardot

Navigate to Prospects > Prospect List. Locate the prospects you want to merge, and multi-select them by marking the boxes next to Name.

You can merge up to three prospects at a time. Select Merge from the dropdown.

What is the best way to organize content builder folders?

  • Navigate to Email Studio > Email > Content
  • Ensure the left side of the screen is focused on “Local”
  • Right click on “Content Builder” and select “Create Folder”
  • Give your folder a name and click “OK”
  • You can create as many folders as needed to organize content

What are profile attributes used for

The main purpose for Profile Attributes is to simplify searching, but you can also use them to organize documents within Workspaces.

To create new Profile Attributes or to modify existing attributes you can go to Admin > Define Profile Attributes.

Who is Salesforce biggest client?

  • Amazon Web Services
  • American Express
  • U.S Bank
  • The Hershey Company
  • Toyota
  • L’Oreal Americas
  • T-Mobile
  • The New York Post

How often do Pardot automation rules run

Automation rule fires on every ten minutes for prospects who match the rule criteria.

It touches a matched prospect only once. Automation rules are retroactive and touch the prospects that were created in the past if they meet rule criteria.

How do you create a dynamic list in Pardot?

  • Open the Lists page
  • Click + Add List
  • Name the list
  • Select other options as needed
  • Select Dynamic List
  • Click Set Rules
  • Select a match type
  • To add individual criteria, click + Add new rule

Who is Salesforce biggest competitor?

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • SugarCRM
  • Zoho
  • Sage
  • Zendesk
  • HubSpot

How do you activate future and option in Edelweiss

To enable trading in Future & Options, you are required to fill & submit F&O activation form along with either last 6 months bank statement or last 3 months Pay Slip.

For this, please contact your Relationship Manager or the nearest Branch.

Are dynamic lists retroactive

Dynamic Rules work retroactively i.e. on new and existing data both. We can use dynamic lists as a recipient list in a drip program and if the prospects are removed from that list then they will no longer be a part of the email program.

Why it is important to follow CAN SPAM guidelines

The CAN-SPAM Act, a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

Are automation rules retroactive

Automation rules are retroactive and forward-looking. This means that once activated, they will look for existing prospect matches (evaluate what’s already happened) and will continue to look for new matches (changes to existing prospects and new prospect records that enter Pardot).

How do I activate F&O on Iifl?

  • Bank Account Statement for last 3 months
  • Copy of Demat account holding statement
  • Copy of Form 16
  • Salary Slip of latest month
  • Copy of ITR acknowledgement
  • Copy of Annual Accounts
  • Net worth Certificate