How Do I Activate Free Shipping On Shopee

A valid Pickup Address, will enable free shipping. If the indicated pickup address is serviceable for Shopee’s Free Shipping promo.

The seller should receive a notification in-app within 7 days with instructions on how to activate Free Shipping.

Can you use student ID Shopee

Student ID can be accepted as a Valid ID if the minor user has no valid ID.

Parental Consent Form signed by a parent or guardian to be submitted in JPEG format (also available at the help center)

How do you get Platinum Shopee?

  • Classic – less than 10 orders
  • Silver – 10 to 24 orders
  • Gold – 25 to 44 orders
  • Platinum – 55 or more orders

How do you get 100 off Shopee

Wondering how to use 100% off in Shopee? It’s easy! Upon checkout, click “Select or enter code”.

Then, select your discount voucher or free shipping discount voucher!

Is it okay to use Shopee coins

Every 1 Shopee Coin earned is equivalent to Php 1, and you can use them to offset your transaction amount when making a purchase within the Shopee app.

There are limits on the amount of Coins you can earn and use. Your Shopee Coins expire at the end of the third month from when it was earned.

Can Shopee coins be refunded

For return/refund orders Your Shopee Coins will only be refunded if your return/refund request has been approved for a full refund.

You will not be eligible for Shopee Coins refund if your refund amount has been adjusted (i.e. you will be receiving a partial refund amount).

How do I withdraw my Shopee loan

Make sure that your Shopeepay wallet is activated and verified to be able to cash out and use SLoan.

Learn more here. To withdraw from SLoan, go to Finance Circle Page or Me tab > SLoan > Withdraw Loan.

Can I withdraw money from ShopeePay

Your ShopeePay account needs to be verified before you can request a bank transfer for your funds via ShopeePay.

The minimum amount for a bank transfer is Php 1.00. Starting Oct 3 2022, users will have one (1) free transfer from ShopeePay to other banks/e-wallet for each month.

How can I avail my Shopee starter kit

Find your Shopee Started Kit Open the Shopee app on your device and click the pop-up banner to get the free gift!

You can also find the New Use Zone on the main page. That is how to claim free gift in Shopee using the Shopee website and Shopee app.

Can I cash out SPayLater in Shopee

SPayLater is only available to select Shopee users. Spaylater credit cannot be withdrawn. For withdrawable loan, learn more about SLoan.

For further details about your bill computation, please contact Shopee to provide steps on where to check the breakdown of the bill.

How does Shopee 10% cashback works

What is Shopee 10% Cashback Programme? Shopee 10% Cashback Programme is a programme designed to boost seller’ sales.

On top of the 10% Cashback Vouchers (no minimum spend), buyers can also earn and spend Shopee Coins! *The 10% Cashback Vouchers and Shopee Coins redemption will be subsidised by Shopee.

How do I get more free shipping on Shopee

Your buyers only need a minimum spend of RM40 to qualify for Shopee-subsidised free shipping!

Buyers are required to meet the minimum spend per shop and use the Free Shipping Voucher upon checkout to enjoy free shipping.

How do I know if someone read my Shopee message

You can see whether your message has been read by looking at the below right corner of the chat.

Is ShopeePay to GCash free

ShopeePay will charge a 1% admin fee for Cash Ins via e-Wallets (GCash & Coins.PH) starting June 2, 2022.

You may still enjoy free Cash Ins through your linked bank account and through your bank apps with InstaPay.

What is the maximum checkout in Shopee

Kindly note that the purchase limit per checkout at Shopee is 40 items per checkout.

In the event you are attempting to checkout with more than 40 items in your cart, the error message displayed in the image below will be shown.

What is super voucher bundle

The Super Voucher Bundle is a limited-time offer with promotions that may be subject to change upon each release.

This promotion is open to all registered users. All available Super Voucher Bundles can be found at the official Shopee Voucher Bundles shop, which you may follow for updates.

What is Shopee 100% cashback

When you receive 100% cashback, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay for your order.

You still need to pay your order like usual but you will receive the coins which you can use in the next order.

What is new user exclusive Shopee

New User benefits refer to the range of perks offered to a buyer who has newly joined Shopee.

The benefits include exclusive vouchers, free gifts, low-price deals, and more.

How much is 500 Shopee coins

Every 100 Shopee Coins earned is equivalent to S$1, and you can use them to offset your transaction amount when making a purchase within the Shopee App.

There are limits on the amount of Coins you can earn and use. Shopee Coins cannot be exchanged for cash.

How do I get unlimited free shipping on Shopee?

  • Track your Shopee Loyalty tier progress
  • Discover various tier milestones and rewards available
  • Redeem eligible vouchers that are refreshed monthly, including free shipping vouchers, exclusive brand and partner vouchers and special birthday vouchers

Does ShopeePay expire

ShopeePay will charge a dormancy fee if you do not use your account for one year.

This amount will be charged a dormancy fee per month after the 1-year inactivity date, which will be taken from your wallet balance.

How do I claim ml diamonds in Shopee?

  • Launch your Shopee App, click “Prepaid, Bills & Tickets” entrance, under Entertainment please select “Game Credits”
  • Select your preferred game and value of the credit and continue to “Checkout”
  • Choose your Payment Option from ShopeePay, Credit or Debit Card, Cash Payment at 7-Eleven or Online banking

How do I buy Sun loads in Shopee?

  • Create an account
  • Go to the Load, Bills and
  • Tap postpaid mobile or
  • Select SMART or SUN
  • Add necessary details and click CONTINUE
  • Select ShoppePay as payment
  • Input Voucher Code and
  • Click Pay Now

What is Piso deal in Shopee

During its Piso Deal events, Shopee usually makes PHP 0 minimum spend 100% Free Shipping vouchers available for buyers.

However, these vouchers are limited so you can’t be late when redeeming them.

How many Shopee coins is rm1

Shopee Coins is the official virtual currency on our platform. You can earn Shopee Coins from your purchases, taking part in activities, and more on the Shopee App.

Every 100 Shopee Coins earned is equivalent to RM 1, and you can use them to offset your transaction amount when making a purchase within the Shopee App.

Can I withdraw Shopee seller balance to GCash

Step 2: You will see a Seller Balance option and you need to click the button.

Afterwards click the “Withdraw” option under the Seller Balance. Before this you must know how to withdraw money from Shopee seller to GCASH and other e-wallets or banks.

Step 3: Input the bank where you want your balance to be deposited in.

Why Shopee Cannot use free shipping

If you have issues applying Free Shipping Vouchers, it may due to one of the following reasons: Free Shipping Vouchers are fully claimed or used by other users.

You have used up all your Free Shipping Vouchers. You did not adhere to the voucher’s Terms & Conditions.

What is the highest member in Shopee?

  • Less than 10 completed orders: Classic
  • Minimum of 10 completed orders: Silver
  • Minimum of 25 completed orders: Gold
  • Minimum of 55 completed orders: Platinum

What will happen if you reach Platinum on Shopee

A: All Gold & Platinum members will automatically receive their UNLI Free Shipping Discount Vouchers in their wallets.

Users may check their voucher wallet and look for the Free Shipping Discount Vouchers with the 7x sticker on it.

What do influencers get when you use their code

An influencer discount code is a unique code that shoppers use at checkout to get a discount on the items they are buying.

Brands give these codes to influencers who share them with their followers across different channels and media.