How Can I Promote My Music On My Website?

  • Website
  • Email list
  • Blog
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Music blogs
  • Podcasts
  • 7
  • Instagram

What is the best way to promote your music?

  • Work on digital marketing
  • Create an electronic press kit
  • Create a website
  • Host your music on streaming platforms
  • Use email marketing
  • Pitch yourself to music blogs
  • Reach out to playlist curators
  • Connect with fans through live shows

Where can I promote my music for free?

  • Start your music promotion with a website
  • Get discovered on Spotify
  • Post your tracks on Reddit Music
  • Try music-related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram
  • Upload your videos on YouTube
  • Spike on
  • Create buzz on TikTok
  • Share your music on Soundcloud

How can I promote my music without following?

  • Ask friends and family to help get you started
  • Post consistently and engage/entertain your followers
  • Produce the types of posts that social media platforms reward and get recommended to people outside your network

How do I promote my music on social media 2022?

  • Develop A Presence On Social Media Platforms
  • Create TikTok & Short-Form Content
  • Post Content Regularly Online
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Perform Memorable Live Shows
  • YouTube For Musicians
  • Live Stream Your Music Online

Where can I promote my song?

  • Create your own Music Website with Wix Music
  • Promote your Shows on Bandsintown & Songkick
  • Get your own YouTube Channel
  • Host your Music on Apple Music / iTunes
  • Add your Music to
  • Familiarize yourself with Reddit Music
  • Upload your music to Spotify

How do I promote my music on Spotify?

  • Join Spotify for Artists
  • Pitch music to our playlist editors
  • Build your followers
  • Use Spotify marketing tools

How can I promote my music without social media?

  • Tour diaries and videos
  • Go to other gigs
  • Give away free stuff
  • Good old fashion gig posters
  • Street press
  • Community radio
  • Endorsements
  • Be good, practise

How can I promote my music before release?

  • Set up a pre-order
  • Release a single
  • Set up distribution
  • Create an EPK for your album
  • Promote your album on social media
  • Use your mailing list
  • Promote your album to radio
  • Promote your album to music bloggers and reviewers

How can I market my music online?

  • Use your own website
  • Create content consistently
  • Maintain a social media presence
  • Experiment with social media ads
  • Pitch to Spotify playlists
  • Pitch to music blogs
  • Build your email list

How do I get my music noticed online?

  • Put Your Music on Streaming Platforms
  • Arrange Distribution Through a Music Distribution Service
  • Create Online Playlists and Add Your Own Music to Them
  • Utilize Social Media
  • Submit Music to Online radio stations and Music Blogs

How do I promote my song on youtube?

  • Use Youtube ads to increase your visibility on the platform
  • Get your Youtube channel verified
  • Make music videos and clips that illustrate your music
  • Offer a variety of content on your channel
  • Use keywords
  • Create intriguing thumbnails
  • Create a connection with your audience

How do I share my music on social media?

  • Create a solid strategy
  • Keep your branding consistent
  • Find which social platforms work for you
  • Be consistent with how often you post
  • Connect with fans
  • Spread out your content
  • Schedule your posts in advance
  • Be authentic

How can I publish my music

The first step to publish your own music is to register as a publisher with a Performance Rights Organization, also known simply as a PRO.

PROs collect royalties for songwriters for both the publisher and the writer, and they are simple to sign up for.

The three main PROs are BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.

What is the best social media to promote music?

  • YouTube Is The Top Social Media Website For Musicians Right Now
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Bandcamp
  • SoundCloud

How do independent artists promote music

Work with the media to feature you and your latest release. Hire a PR firm to promote your music overseas.

Pay a company to push your new song to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

Distribute it to all online stores and streaming platforms via a distributor.

How can I make my music go viral?


How do I sell my music to a company?

  • Proper Music
  • Right Sound
  • Networking
  • Build on Streaming Platforms
  • Making Press Kits
  • Master Social Media
  • Build a Great Website
  • Be a Part of Music Licensing

How do you promote a song with no followers?

  • Solidify your brand
  • Pitch songs to playlists on Spotify
  • Use CD Baby to create a pre-save with
  • Use Distrokid’s hyperfollow
  • Involve your friends and family
  • Share snippets of songs
  • Put more snippets our after the full release
  • Make a music video

How do I get more people to listen to my music?

  • Music blogs
  • Online radio stations
  • Music forums
  • Youtube channels
  • Social media groups
  • Live performances
  • TV and film
  • Local radio stations

Where I can sell my music?

  • Bandcamp
  • ReverbNation
  • CD Baby
  • Sellfy
  • TuneCore
  • Ditto Music
  • Fiverr

Where can I post my songs for free?

  • Free music distribution and free music promotion sites
  • Soundcloud
  • Jamendo
  • YouTube
  • Google Play
  • Bandcamp
  • Soundclick
  • Free Music Archive

How can I promote my Spotify for free?

  • Use Daily Playlists or SubmitHub to submit your music to curators
  • Find play lists on Spotify manually and email them
  • Use Boost Collective’s free Spotify playlist promotion tool

How can I make my song famous?

  • Build a Website and Email List
  • Get on Playlists
  • Create Content on Social Media
  • Reach Out to Local Radio Stations, Blogs, and Podcasts

Where is the best place to post your music?

  • Bandzoogle
  • Bandcamp
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube

How do you get your music noticed on Instagram?

  • Edit & maintain your profile
  • Post great content
  • Look the part
  • Schedule & plan ahead
  • Use hashtags
  • Tell Instagram Stories
  • Post Instagram Reels
  • Instagram ads & sponsored posts

Can you pay to promote on SoundCloud

Promote on SoundCloud offers two pricing options based on which targeting level you choose: Simple (lower CPM) or Advanced (higher CPM).

There is also a minimum spend per promotion of $25.

How do I upload my music to Google?

  • Drag and drop your music into the window
  • If you haven’t already added Google Play Music for Chrome, Google will prompt you to add it so that it can commence the upload

How can I make a living with music?

  • Streaming royalties
  • Sync licensing (for now)
  • Performing (in-person or live-stream)
  • Teaching music
  • Session musician work (in-person or remotely)
  • Freelance music production
  • Miscellaneous/”Other” income streams (which can include any creative ways you can make money from your music-related skills)

How do you make your music grow?

  • Don’t Take Anyone for Granted
  • Provide Value On Social Media
  • Be More Human
  • Post Consistently On Social Media
  • Realise That Numbers Aren’t Everything
  • Make Awesome Music
  • Play Live Shows
  • Collaborate With Other Artists

Does TuneCore promote your music

TuneCore is a music distribution service, NOT a promotional company! A question we hear a lot is, “does TuneCore promote my music?”

The short answer is TuneCore can help you promote your music, but in order to properly and professionally market yourself, you’ll need to use services outside of TuneCore.