How Can I Grow My WhatsApp Group?

  • Check Message Read Status
  • Start a Private Conversation
  • Tag People
  • Search Group Messages
  • Search for Links and Documents
  • Search Group Members
  • Add Group Description
  • Invite by Link

How can I blast WhatsApp in Excel

Steps to blast WhatsApp Message: Register your Template message content under Whatsapp service > Template Messages.

Based on the Template created, prepare your excel file. Once Template approved by WhatsApp, start your blasting campaign under WhatsApp Server > Send Personalised message.

How do I create a post on WhatsApp

Click the account that you want to create the message template for. Click the 3-dot icon.

Click Manage message templates. (Optional) If you have multiple WhatsApp Business accounts, use the drop-down menu to select the account where you want to create a message template.

Which is the best WhatsApp bulk sender

WappBlaster is one of the top-ranked official WhatsApp marketing software out there that lets you send unlimited Bulk messages to your contacts.

It has an intuitive interface that offers unique features for marketing success.

Does WhatsApp use RabbitMQ

The RabbitMQ is built on Erlang general-purpose programming language and it is also used by WhatsApp for messaging.

Can you run ads on WhatsApp

As we mentioned above, you can advertise directly on WhatsApp yet. However, when building ads for either Facebook or Instagram, you have the option of sending people that click on those ads directly to WhatsApp.

What is the maximum number for Whatsapp broadcast

Make sure all the contacts in the Broadcast list have saved your number in their address book.

There is no limit in the number of Broadcast lists you can create. You can select up to 256 contacts in each Broadcast list.

What is the advantage of WhatsApp Business account

Simply put, WhatsApp Business allows companies to safely and securely message their customers directly within the WhatsApp messaging platform.

One advantage over SMS is that WhatsApp is tied directly to a single phone number and provides a branded business profile rather than a string of digits.

How WhatsApp is misused

Possible misuse of this flaw is when you change your Handset or Mobile No.

When you change your handset without uninstalling WhatsApp than anyone can use WhatsApp linked to your mobile no from old handset.

In short, Without using your SIM he/she can send messages from your mobile number through old handset.

Which WhatsApp is best for bulk messages?

  • Enjay
  • Trueline Solutions
  • Wasender
  • WhatsUnsaved

How many items can be added in WhatsApp Catalogue

Every product or service in the catalog has a unique title along with optional fields such as price, description, website link and product code.

These identifiers make it easy for customers to identify products in the catalog. Business owners can upload a maximum of 500 products or services to their catalog.

Is twilio WhatsApp free

In addition to the Whatsapp conversation charge, customers will continue to incur the Twilio flat fee of $0.005 per message.

Your first 1,000 conversations each month won’t incur any WhatsApp fee (Twilio per-message costs still apply).

These free conversations can be both business-initiated and user-initiated.

How can I send a message to 10000 contacts on WhatsApp?

  • Install and open WhatsApp
  • Go to the main menu by clicking on the menu option
  • Choose “New Broadast”
  • Select Plus (+) and sort your desired contacts
  • Tap on done, and your broadcast is ready

How many messages can I send on WhatsApp business per day

There are four messaging limit levels: 1K business-initiated conversations with unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period.

10K business-initiated conversations with unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period. 100K business-initiated conversations with unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period.

Can I broadcast 100000 WhatsApp notifications

In WhatsApp Business API, however, a sender can broadcast between 1,000 and 100,000 messages to as many unique users (depending on the tier they are in) in a rolling 24-hour timeframe.

Is WhatsApp bulk sender safe

Bulk WhatsApp sender software anti-blocking tool reduces the chance to get blocked. This software is 100% safe and reliable and easy to use.

What happens if we delete Whatsapp database

Your chats will be gone, you will have to login again in whatsapp In your file manager go to whatsapp folder, in that find the foldernamed Database.

Delete all the files in that folder. It will not affect your whatsapp chats and will even clear some space for you.

How do I put a click on my WhatsApp ad?

  • Go to your Page and click Promote
  • Click Add to Your Advertising Plan or Create New Ad
  • Under Goal, select Get more messages
  • Under Button label and select Send WhatsApp Message
  • Set up your welcome message
  • Select the audience you’d like to reach, or click Create New

Why WhatsApp uses Erlang

In using Erlang, WhatsApp is part of a larger push towards programming languages that are designed for concurrency, where many processes run at the same time.

As internet services reach more people—and juggle more tasks from all those people—such languages become more attractive.

How can I send bulk messages on WhatsApp without getting banned?

  • Do not send bulk messages to a random contact list
  • Do not insert links to your promotional bulk messages
  • Try to send a handful of messages to keep your clients more occupied

Are WhatsApp bots safe

WhatsApp bots are very safe. Compared with other platforms, WhatsApp bots really encrypt messages.

Messages to the WhatsApp server come via encrypted format. Check WhatsApp Availability and Scaling to understand how the service architecture provides this.

What is chatbot in WhatsApp

WhatsApp chatbot is an automated software powered by rules or artificial intelligence (AI) and runs on the WhatsApp platform.

People communicate with WhatsApp chatbot via the chat interface, like talking to a real person.

It’s a set of automated replies that simulates a human conversation on WhatsApp.

What are the disadvantages of WhatsApp Business account?

  • Whatsapp Does Not Provide Enterprise Data Protection
  • Whatsapp Is a Cloud Service Based in the USA
  • Whatsapp Mixes Private and Business Communication
  • Whatsapp Lacks Enterprise Administration
  • Whatsapp Does Not Protect Against Data Loss

Can WhatsApp messages be traced after deleted

There are Third-Party Apps available on the google play store, which can only be downloaded on android They allow you to recover WhatsApp messages after you or the sender has deleted them.

The apps maintain a log of notifications that can be saved on the Notification register on androids.

What is the best database for chat application

I think it’s hard to say that one database or another is the BEST without understanding more about the application but rest assured that MongoDB has been the choice for many popular chat applications.

What is the best database for social media app

Agree with Sujoy! You don’t have to worry about the amount of data, MySQL can easily handle the data for 10,000 users.

I would say use a database you are familiar with. PostGreSql has some few advantages, but MySQL has its own perks too.

Which database is used by Snapchat

Snap modernized Snapchat’s architecture using microservices built around services like Amazon DynamoDB, a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale.

What type of database does social media use

The presented analysis of databases used by the most popular social network sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) showed that most of them use combination of different databases, both relational and NoSQL, in order to resolve diverse needs and requirements of their users.

How can I send bulk message

With Android, a good way to manage group texts is to set up a contacts group first.

Go into Contacts>Tap Apps then Contacts or tap Contacts from the home screen. Tap Groups to get into the groups area of the phone.

Which database does Facebook use

At Facebook we use MySQL to manage many petabytes of data, along with the InnoDB storage engine that serves social activities such as likes, comments, and shares.