How Big Is Fiber To The Home

Optical fibers are tinyabout 125 microns in diameter, or slightly larger than a human hair.

Many of these fibers are bundled together to form cables (not to be confused with coaxial cables, which are made of copper).

How do they connect fibre to your house

The fibre cable will usually enter your property through the same point as your telephone line, which then connects to a modem to reach the signal.

Fibre to the cabinet on the other hand uses fibre optic cable ONLY to the cabinet, and then copper wire delivers the connection into your home or business.

Can fibre go on poles

When it comes to your full fibre connection, there are two ways to do this – either digging underground or via telephone poles.

How do I get full fibre to my house

For Fibre To The Premises, a fibre line will need to be run into your home via a wall socket, similar to other types of fixed-line broadband.

If your home previously had fibre then an existing line can be reactivated, otherwise, an engineer visit will be required.

Does community Fibre use Openreach

We deliver 100% full Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) Unlike most providers, we build, own and operate our dedicated 100% full fibre network with the most advanced technology available.

So we don’t have to rely on Openreach’s or anyone else’s cables.

What is ground fiber

The ground fiber is used to ground a fiber optic cable. These cables are not designed to carry electricity, but metallic elements of the cable can carry electricity, so, for safety, a ground is needed.

Do I need a new master socket for fibre

If you’re setting up your Fibre, you don’t need a special faceplate. We’ll send you microfilters to use with your existing socket.

However, you don’t need to worry about microfilters if your master socket has already had a broadband accelerator faceplate fitted (master socket with two sockets).

How do I connect my Openreach fibre modem

Connect your Hub and Openreach modem using the Infinity cable (the black cable with red ends.)

Insert one end into the LAN 1 socket on your Openreach modem. Insert the other end in to the BT Infinity socket.

Then, connect the black power cable to your Hub and your power socket.

What is aerial drop cable

Aerial Drop Cable is specifically designed for Fiber-to-the-Subscriber applications. It is a round, all dielectric cable ideally suited for self-supporting drop-type installations as well as in lashed or conduit builds.

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Does FTTP require digging

The only options to get FTTP into the property was dig up outside of the homeowner lifts up the floors blocking access to the original duct entry point.

How long does it take an engineer to install broadband

The actual installation time varies but should be between an hour and two hours depending on the property and what is being installed.

Your engineer should give you an idea of how long it will take.

How long does FTTP take to activate

FTTP installations are more complex than traditional broadband installations, lead times to completion vary, but are typically about 4 weeks.

Your ISP will provide you with appointment dates in advance.

Why does it take 2 weeks to activate broadband

Two weeks is about right for a new residential provision. Business lines are usually quicker.

Charging will not start until your service is activated. Advance charges for provision of service, and initial line rental is normal.

How long does Openreach take to install

The installation takes around three hours and the Openreach engineer will need access to your property.

If you aren’t available, someone over 18 will need to be around. Need to change your appointment?

What does FTTP stand for

FTTP and FTTH are two different abbreviations for the same thing. FTTP stands for ‘fibre to the premises’ and FTTH stands for ‘fibre to the home’.

They are used interchangeably, along with ‘Ultrafast’ and ‘Full Fibre’.

What is Vuma aerial

Vuma Aerial is high speed fibre to the home! Join the Vuma Aerial Fibre Revolution!

Winner of the 2016 MyBroadband Best Fixed Broadband Provider of the Year, and numerous other ICT awards, Vuma Aerial is one of the fastest growing broadband providers in South Africa.

Do I need an engineer to install BT Broadband

Connections and installations Most of our packages can be installed without an engineer coming into your home.

But if you do need an engineer visit, we’ll let you know before you order.

Then we’ll offer you the earliest available date for the visit.

Can I contact Openreach directly

Alternatively you can call us on 0800 023 2023 (option 1).

What is an Openreach ONT

The Openreach ONT (Optical Network Termination), is a small white box that terminates the incoming fibre optic cable.

It’s provided, managed and supported by Openreach. Your Giganet UltraHub router or your own router connects to this.

Does Virgin use Openreach

Most broadband providers, except Virgin Media, G Network or Community Fibre, use Openreach to access broadband in their homes.

Virgin Media and others, use their own cable infrastructure to supply customers directly with ultrafast internet connections direct to their premises.

Is Openreach part of BT

Openreach Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Group. We look after the copper wires and fibre cables that connect homes and businesses to phone and broadband.

Our customers are the 690+ communications providers who sell phone and broadband services to these households and businesses.