Does BMM Have Entrance Exam

Bmm admissions 2022 is done based on entrance exams for which the registrations will start from the month of January 2022 or on marks scored in 10+2 exam.

DUET, IPU CET, SET, MET, etc are some of the top entrance exams for admission to BMM Colleges.

What is best advertising or Journalism

journalism has the best scope over advertising. adverstising is commen these day and there is a lot rush in it. journalism is a practical subject and have a good scope as well. you should go for journalism without any doubt.

What degree do you need to be a PR

Media specialists typically have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, English, journalism or business.

However, if your goal is to work in politics or government, you may consider a political science major and public relations minor.

What are the subject for Bammc

Programme Outcome This Programme has a wide embrace. It includes instruction in History, Literature, Psychology, Management, Political Science, Media, IT and several other subjects.

Is Bammc and BMM same

Q.Is BMM and BAMMC same? Ans – Yes. What was earlier known as Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) is now named as Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication (BAMMC) by the University of Mumbai.

Is there entrance exam for BMM in mithibai

Mithibai College admission 2022 for Ug courses will be done through a common entrance test (MITHIBAI-NM CET or MINCET).

Candidates seeking admission to B.Com, BMS, B.Sc, and BMM courses can apply till June 20, 2022.

Application forms for admission are available on the official website –

What is the full meaning of BMM

Following in the lines of other journalism and mass communication courses in India, the Bachelor of Mass Media course full form of BMM is a three-year undergraduate course.

What is BMS salary

The average bms salary in India is ₹ 700,000 per year or ₹ 359 per hour.

Entry-level positions start at ₹ 360,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₹ 1,522,500 per year.

What is diploma in public relations and communication

​The IIE Diploma in Public Relations (PR) is designed to provide students with the required communication skills and knowledge that modern businesses now demand new employees entering the workplace by combining public relations skills with business practice.

What is the difference between BA and BMM

Dear, There will be no difference just a name change (Nomenclature) in different universities.

But, the foundation for the programme related to Media and its related sector and profile.

Can I do MCA after BMM

ANSWER (1) Yes, it is worth it. For being eligible to apply for MCA, you have to have mathematics as one of the subjects at 10+2 level or statistics as one of the subjects at the graduation level.

Which country is best for masters in advertising

United States. One of the world’s largest advertising markets, the United States is known for having a steady advertising industry, and this is a growing global industry.

For international students taking advertising programs, the United States will be the best country to study advertising in.

What is the scope of BMM in future

There is a huge scope for BMM graduates in India. Some of the common jobs after BMM are in capacities such as Editor, Stenographer, Film Maker, Critic, Writer, Photojournalist, etc. Students can follow any career option as long as they have the skills and ability to their best in that creative field.

Can I do law after BMM

Yes, you can pursue law after BMM. If you wish to become a lawyer and be able to practice in the court of Law, you will have to complete the 3 year LLB program for which the eligibility is a graduation in any stream.

What is better BA or BMM

BA or BMM both are good courses and as you have done 12th in Arts then it is good to do BA but i think BMM is good course it has many scopes and after that you will get good job.

In this modern world media plays an important role so it is best to do BMM and after that you can do masters in mass media also.

What is better BMM or BMS

BMS will not have any specialisation in media while BMM offers specialisation in either Advertising & Brand management or journalism.

With BMM you can always learn more on the production, creation, content etc of media while BMS will pose you to management roles in any organisation.

Can I do BMM after 12th science

Yes, you can take up BMM to pursue your higher studies after completing 12th standard.

The minimum percentage required to get admission differs from institutes to institutes and also, you will have to appear for entrance tests to get admission into BMM.

What type of PR makes the most money

The industry that makes up the highest percentage of PR pros (22%) are in the religious, grant-making, civic and similar organizations.

A close second, coming in at 21%, are professional, scientific and technical services. 7.

Which is better BMM or BMS

All the Best. Hi, Both the courses you mentioned i.e BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) and BMS (Bachelors in Management Studies) are good to pursue and both these offers good career prospects and excellent growth opportunities.

Lucrative careers are available for BMS graduates in many fields.

What PR job makes the most money?

  • Event Planner (Average Base Salary: ₹ 3,95,264 /year)
  • Journalist (Average Base Salary: ₹ 3,86,014 /year)
  • Editor (Average Base Salary: ₹ 4,01,173 /year)
  • Social Media Manager (Average Base Salary: ₹ 3,24,828 /year)
  • Account Manager (Average Base Salary: ₹ 5,85,472 /year)

How can I get admission in BMM Mumbai

Mumbai University BMM Admission Criteria Mumbai University application forms will be available on the official website in the last week of May (

Admissions are done on the basis of an entrance exam or merit-based.

What do public relations jobs do

Public relations specialists build and maintain a positive public image for a company or organization.

They create media, from press releases to social media messages, that shape public opinion of the company or organization and increase awareness of its brand.

Completely free trial, no card required.

Where do public relations work

Public relations professionals can work in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, and education.

They may also work for nonprofit organizations, grantmaking organizations, or broadcast media companies.

Which is better BMM or Bjmc

Conclusion. BJMC and BMM courses are the top 2 media industry that offers good career opportunities and prospects.

However, when it comes to the question that which one is better than both courses are good.

But, if you are looking to enter the advertising industry, then BMM courses have a wide scope.

Which stream is best for BMM

Candidates should have passed 10+2 from any stream like Arts, Science or Commerce.

Which is better BMM or BMC

The only difference amongst these is the Nomenclature. There is almost negligible difference, in terms of content or options available on completion of the course.

Bachelor of Mass Media requires candidates to be pass in 12th class (10+2) or equivalent in any Stream.

Which course is best for advertising?

  • MBA in Advertising Management
  • B.Com in Advertising and Brand Management
  • BA Advertising and PR
  • Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising
  • Bachelors in Media Management
  • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication
  • Diploma in Advertising (Public Relations and Business Studies)

What is full form of BBM

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), sometimes known as a Bachelor of Management Studies, is an undergraduate program of four years.

Why did you choose BMM

BMM is a great platform to give voice to your talent. Be it editing, sketching, writing, film-making, you will get opportunities to display and better your talent.

It is a course that allows you to learn not only from industry big-wigs, but also from your talented class mates.

Is maths compulsory for BMM

Studying Mathematics in the qualifying exam is not compulsory to appear for the BMM/BMS entrance test of St.