Do I Need A Phone Socket For BT Broadband

You must always plug your Hub into the broadband connection on your master socket.

If you plug it into a phone socket or extension, it just won’t work.

What is Bt basic package

BT Basic comes with a Call Barring option which allows you to control certain calls being dialled from your phone.

For example you can stop calls to international destinations, mobile phones or to Premium Rate numbers from being made from your line.

There’s no charge for this service.

Does BT fibre 1 include phone calls

BT broadband and phone packages offer pay as you go calls as standard, which are charged at 20p per minute.

The good thing about that is that you need only pay for the calls you make, as well as your landline rental.

Is Netflix free with BT

What Netflix plan is included in my BT TV bundle? If you’ve signed up for Entertainment or Big Entertainment as of 12 November, then a Netflix Basic plan is included in your package.

If you’ve signed up for VIP as of 12 November then a Netflix Standard plan is included in your package.

Can you have Sky tv with BT Internet

Yes, really! The money-saving offer is one of BT’s new flexible TV packages, which bundles fibre broadband, Netflix and access to Sky TV channels via NOW passes all into one single, handy bill.

How do I stop BT renewing

If you just want to end your service provision from BT, you need to give notice..

However, if you want to transfer to another service provider at the end of your contract you arrange your new service contract with the new provider and they inform BT that they are taking over.

What do you get with BT Entertainment Package

Includes Sky Atlantic, Sky Max and Gold. Watch 6 kids’ channels including Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network with a NOW Entertainment Membership.

All 11 Sky Sports channels with a NOW Sports Membership. All 4 BT Sport channels and BoxNation from BT.

How much is BT a Month uk

How much is BT TV? BT TV prices start at just £17 a month (for Entertainment) plus the price of whichever broadband option you decide on.

Big Entertainment costs £27 per month, Sport costs £16 per month, Big Sport costs £41 per month and VIP costs £74 per month.

How does BT broadband work without a landline

If you don’t use your landline phone, Broadband only lets you have the broadband you want without the landline you don’t.

However, you won’t be able to make or receive any incoming calls on your landline phone.

This includes calls to the emergency services.

Does Sky use BT phone lines

Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone all provide broadband using BT’s Openreach network.

Can I keep my BT email address if I leave BT

Good news – you can keep your BT ( email address when you cancel BT broadband.

To do so, you’ll need to sign up to BT Premium Mail. This has the same functionality as your old BT Mail account, though it will cost you a fee each month to keep it going.

Can I keep my BT email if I switch to Sky

Can I keep my Sky email address? You can keep your Sky email address for as long as you want after you’ve cancelled your broadband, as long as you keep using it regularly.

If you abandon it, Sky will close it down, assuming it is inactive.

Can I replace my BT router with a better router

Yes you can use any third party router that is suitable for your connection type (you haven’t said if you have ADSL, VDSL, G. Fast or FTTP) although if you have Digital Voice you will need to use the SH2 to access it.

How much do BT charge to cancel a contract

BT’s early termination charge is the total of the remaining monthly charges on your BT plan, less VAT and then a 1% discount.

This works out as being 82.5% of your remaining monthly charges.

Can you get BT TV without aerial

Does BT TV work without an aerial? The BT TV Box Pro and BT TV Box Mini will work without an aerial connected, but you’ll miss out on some free-to-air channels, including Dave.

You can check which channels are available here.

Is it easy to switch from Sky to BT

Whether you’re with Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media or anyone else, we’ve made it as simple as possible to switch broadband provider.

It’s easy to switch your TV and landline services too. And in most cases you’ll only be without broadband for about 30 minutes on the day of your switch.

How many channels do you get with BT TV

There are more than 94 standard channels and 16 HD channels, with new channels regularly added.

Please note that some Freeview channels, including Dave, are not available on BT TV via broadband.

To view these channels on your BT TV box you will need to have the BT TV Box Pro connected to your TV aerial.

What is the BT 700 minutes plan

In terms of call packages, BT’s Pay As You Go call plan charges 20.90p for calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

And its 700 minutes plan gives you 700 minutes to UK landlines and mobiles.

You can also opt for unlimited minutes to UK landlines and UK mobiles, any time of day or night with BT’s Unlimited call add-on.

Is BT better than Virgin Media

Overall. Virgin wins by a mile on speed, but lags slightly behind BT when it comes to customer service; two of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a broadband provider.

BT has decent technology and some great extras, but if you want fast and reliable broadband, Virgin may be the way to go.

Do I need a BT landline for TalkTalk

If you’re looking to get TalkTalk’s fast or ultrafast fibre broadband, you’ll need a landline.

Luckily, landline is included in all packages. However, if you’re able to get any of its Full Fibre deals, these don’t require a home phone line.

How many BT boxes can I have

Your BT TV services are delivered through your broadband connection, so additional boxes increase the reliance on broadband speed.

We have limited Extra Box to two boxes to make sure you get the best possible experience.

How do I get out of My BT TV contract

You have to pay an ‘early termination fee’ if you cancel your service before the end of your ‘minimum contract period’.

The end of the minimum contract period is usually either 12, 18 or 24 months from the date your started your service.

Can I use a Sky router with BT Broadband

While Sky previously prohibited you from using a different router on their broadband network, that policy has changed.

Now you can use a BT Home Hub – or another third-party router – with your Sky Broadband.

However, you need to be technologically savvy to set it up and willing to put up with some trial and error.

Are bt doing away with landlines

The changeover needs to happen by December 2025, as this is when the old technology will stop working.

Phone providers have already started work on switching over the network, but you don’t need to do anything until they get in touch with you.

Does BT TV include Netflix

How to watch Netflix with BT TV. Netflix is now bundled into our BT TV packages.

If you’re an existing BT TV customer, you can switch your TV package by logging into My BT and clicking on ‘Your products’ and then ‘Manage TV and Sport’.

Can I cancel MyBT contract if they increase the price

If BT’s annual price rise affects you, you likely won’t be able to cancel your contract or switch without paying an early termination fee.

The annual price hike is detailed in its terms and conditions, which means you would have agreed to it when you signed up.

Is BT WiFi free with EE

EE is owned by BT, so you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d get access to BT’s WiFi network of 5 million hotspots.

But unfortunately this is not the case. Just like Three and Vodafone, EE joins the group of major networks to offer free WiFi only on London’s Underground network.

Why is my BT bill so high

Why is your BT bill higher than others? The amount you pay often depends on how loyal you’ve been to BT.

If you joined on a cheap offer then after a time you could have been moved up to a higher “Standard Tariff” and then you could have had ten years of price hikes added to your bill.

Does Smart TV need BT box

Re: I have a smart TV and don’t use the BT-TV box; do I need BT TV classic?

Unless you want BT Classic TV you really don’t need it, or your youview box.

Is EE and BT the same

Following a merger in 2016, EE became part of the BT Group. EE’s mobile network is the UK’s most reliable mobile network and offers 5G in more of the UK than any other network.