Can Workflow Create A Task

As a reminder, the four types of actions a workflow can perform are creating tasks, sending e-mails, updating fields, and sending outbound API messages.

What are workflows in Salesforce

Workflow in Salesforce is basically a container or business logic engine which automates certain actions based on particular criteria.

If the criteria are met, the actions get executed. When they are not met, records will get saved but no action will get executed.

Does Salesforce do workflow management

Workflow is one of the most powerful native tools available in Salesforce.

How many types of Workflows are there in Salesforce

There are two Workflow types availble. Workflow rule fires immediately when the workflow criteria is met, and the associated actions (email alert/field update etc.,) will take place immediatlely.

Is Selenium used in Salesforce

Selenium is an open source Salesforce test automation tool used for browser based ‘Regression Testing’.

It is used to automate Cross-Browser testing across different platforms, and supported by multiple programming languages.

What is the fastest way for an administrator to create a one time of prospects who match specific criteria

What is the fastest way for an Administrator to create a one-time table of prospects who match specific criteria?

One time segmentation rules are a great way to create a table of prospects who meet specific criteria without having to create a new dynamic list or use up one of your automation rules.

How do I mass create tasks in Salesforce?

  • On the New Task page, click the lookup icon ( ) next to the Assigned To field
  • In the lookup window, select the Multiple Users tab
  • Add up to 100 people (including members of groups) to Selected Members
  • Click Done
  • Save the task

Does Salesforce testing require coding

Salesforce is built on a platform development language named as APEX. The language provides built-in unit test cases for developers to test their own code.

The standard rule of SalesForce requires a developer to achieve 75% of code coverage with unit test cases.

Which two list types could be used as a recipient list on a list email send Choose 2 answers

Options are : Use a dynamic list to use as a recipient list on an email send.

Send using the form’s completion actions. Send using a segmentation rule.

What is the most important thing to do when using AppExchange

When developing an AppExchange strategy, it’s important to: Determine free or paid solution. Test the solution in a developer edition org or sandbox.

Is Salesforce testing easy

Salesforce Testing challenges Salesforce testing is not an easy process. There are many challenges that were faced during the process by the tester.

Some of them are: Testing advanced features like Visualforce, Salesforce, or Service Cloud Console is difficult.

What are 6 benefits of Salesforce?

  • Trustworthy reporting
  • Dashboards that visually showcase data
  • Improved messaging with automation
  • Proactive service
  • Efficiency enhanced by automation
  • Simplified collaboration

What are the three main elements of engagement studio

There are 3 Pardot elements you can add to an engagement program: an action, a trigger, and/or a rule.